Join a wonderful community of wine lovers, conscious grape growers and artisanal winemakers. 

About Us

We are building a wonderful community of wine lovers, conscious grape growers and artisanal winemakers. 

Winery STEF stands for


Made from the Natural Process of Vine Grapes Fermentation


Where, Who, How and Nutritional Information


Reducing & Offsetting Carbon Foot Print, Planting Trees


Wine Adventures, Community, Sharing, Social Commitment

Stephane Filliatreau

Winemaker & Founder

Stephane Filliatreau, winemaker and founder of Winery STEF started making wine in the Loire Valley, France in 1987 at his 7 generations family estate.

After decades traveling making wine in south, north America and Europe, he settled in the US. In 2020, Steph started this new Wine Adventure with the goal to create a community to support small producers, artisan winemaker and wine lovers.


Maria Campos Filliatreau

HAPPINESS manager and winemaker’s wife

Maria, my wife, is my biggest supporter. She is proud of the amazing wine we are producing and the remarkable community we are creating. She and I, believe that happy people spread happiness around them, creating all kind of amazing effects that have an impact in a better world. 

Maria is my natural grape, wine and food taster as she is highly sensitive to chemicals, pesticides, additives, flavorings, among other chemicals. Her body reacts making her sick in the presences of any of these substances. Even her mood reacts, causing her to feel down. She has a theory that pure food (grow and produce with love and as natural as possible) make her healthy and happy. 

I count on her, when we taste grapes, wines and food.



Linda Donovan

south oregon – rogue valley ava

Linda owns and manages a wonderful urban winery in Medford since 2000, with her we source grapes to small conscious grape growers to bring you the best wines the Rogue Valley has to offer.

Linda is a leader in the Southern Oregon wine industry.  She began her career in 1992 while earning a degree in Enology at the University of California, Davis and then working with the best wineries in Napa Valley. In 2000 she founded Pallet Wine Co, in Medford. With 30 years experience in the wine making here is how she define her work:

My approach is “minimalist”: No unnecessary processes, treatments or commercial yeast inoculations. Levels of sulfur dioxide are kept to a minimum by extending the “sur lie” period, during which the wine is protected naturally. I do not fine or “cold-stabilize” any of my wines, or filter any reds. Stabilization and clarification occur by natural sedimentation. 

Linda Donavan, winemaker.

Wines from Chile, Uruguay, France, Spain and other countries coming soon in the months and years to come. Join us for future exiting wine adventures…

The Story

The term artisan wine evokes a particular romantic notion among consumers. A name that offers reassurance that the wines are made with extra care by people committed to their winemaking. Artisan wines often come from smaller producers in limited quantities. The production of artisan wines has traditional ties to specific regions, soils, and the climate of the local vineyard. They may even reflect a certain charm or personality of the grower and winemaker.

However you define artisan wine, my goal is to create a community. A wine-loving space for consumers, wine producers, and artisan wineries who support one other with an end goal of offering an utterly unique product with fair pricing, exceptional quality, and ethical growing practices. Stephane Filliatreau, Winemaker

I’ve been working as a winemaker for over 30 years in France—on my estate in Loire Valley—and Chile, arguably two of the best wine producers in the world. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many winemakers making exceptional wines, and I’ve spent decades enjoying their wines and exploring international wine-growing. My focus has been on sustainable planet-loving practices, ethical trade, and largely organic and biodynamic growing.

Winery Stef offers a shared community of transparency—wine origin, labor and growing practices, and organic options for our consumers. For the producers, we invite long-term partnerships and fair pricing with collaborative marketing. For the wineries, our partnerships contribute to scaling their business in both quality and volume.

As a Benefit Corporation seeking the B-Corp certification, Winery Stef is balancing purpose, product, and profit, with just the right splash (or sip) of fun! We don’t believe in heavy discount marketing techniques, as we prefer a direct-to-consumer strategy. This trading model offers a win-win solution where consumers feel connected to their producers. In addition, we support smaller vineyards with fair market value. This pricing strategy inevitably helps support communities, freeing up funding for local and global non-profits involved in climate change and ending world hunger.

We begin our wine journey in, Oregon, then south to California, eventually across Europe, South America and the rest of the world.

We hope you join us.