At Winery Stef, our commitment to quality artisan wines means that we are particularly discerning when choosing our wine partners. So, we are thrilled to collaborate with the formidable Pallet Wine Company, situated near the Rogue Valley mountainous countryside—a region whose winemaking history dates to the 1840s.

The Rogue Valley extends along the California border, within the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains, north of the Rogue River. Seventy miles wide by sixty miles long and made up of three distinct valleys with temperate microclimates, the Rogue Valley wines offer varied soils and hillside vineyards that enable this region to grow both cool- and warm-climate grape varieties successfully.

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Located just three blocks from the main street in the charming city of Medford, The Pallet Wine Company is an urban winery in every sense of the word. Their historic building spans an impressive 21,000 square-foot and provides full-service winemaking, storage, and education to wineries throughout the expanding growing regions of Southern Oregon. Their work includes everything from grape crushing through to bottling—fermentation, barrel management, blending, and more.

Owned by experienced winemaker Linda Donovan, the Pallet Wine Co, is committed to working with wild vineyard yeast and remaining preservative and sulfite-free during the complex process of fermentation.

With a degree in enology—the science and study of wine—Linda has been planting vineyards, building wineries, and established brands like Robert Mondavi, Beaulieu, and Shramsberg and Flowers, for 20 years. While Linda and her team are responsible for the winemaking, Stephane Filliatreau (owner of Winery Stef) plays a vital role in the decision-making. The perfect time to harvest the grapes, vinification—blending, racking, pigment, filtration, and taste. It is a fully collaborative process.

We are excited to welcome Linda and her enthusiastic team at the Pallet Wine Company, to partner with Winery Stef. Their conscientious production practices, and synergistic philosophy, pair perfectly with our community of wine lovers. Their selection of top-quality grapes and wonderfully elegant and flavorful wines make the Pallet Wine Company an exciting partner for Winery Stef. We hope you love their wines as much as we do.

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