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2018 presented the Rogue Valley AVA with direct threat from fire and smoke, which affected air quality as well as maximum and minimum temperatures. Luckily, vineyards that escaped the threat of smoke taint by luck or strategy reported extremely balanced fruit chemistry.

Carefully crafted in a 21,000 square foot urban winery in Medford, OR, this single varietal Chardonnay was vinted to express the true terroir of the Rogue Valley. With a longstanding commitment to native yeast and sulfite-free fermentation, the varietal integrity holds true.

Tasting Notes
In its prime, this 2018 Chardonnay boasts fresh and creamy characteristics balanced in harmony. A dry and medium- bodied white dominated by crisp fruit flavors including golden apple and pineapple. Subtle oak flavors like vanilla linger with a smooth finish. An ample drinker and a perfect paring for fresh food.


  • Alcohol: 11.56 %/Vol
  • Sugar: Residual sugar 0.12 g per 5 Oz (148 mL) Glass or 0.8 g/L. Added sugar : 0 g/l
  • PH: 3.54
  • Acidity: 4.5 g/L
  • Total Sulfite: 157 mg/L (Legal Limit 350 mg/L)

Food Pairing
Pairings such as creamy avocado pasta, salad, and gazpacho prove reliable, as well as soft cheeses and honey.

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